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Empowerment Coach 

and Mindset Coach

for new coaches

If you are ready to learn how to

set up your new coaching business,

understand how to attract clients,

want to get focused fast,

conquer the overwhelm,

then I can help you.

Hi, I’m Stephanie, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their dreams and as a result of my work I find myself an international coach, a number one international best selling co-author, an international radio presenter, a guest speaker; I have been interviewed on BBC1 TV and BBC radio too.

Are these the questions you ask yourself?

How do I start a new coaching business without going into debt?

You want to start a new coaching business, without going into debt, because you’ve worked for many years and now through redundancy, voluntary severance, divorce, retirement, etc you are looking to help others.  The only thing is there is so, so much information available you have no idea where to start!

How do I attract clients and grow my email list?

You’ve decided to join the world of female solopreneur coaches, having completed your training and tested your skills with family and friends.  You’re confident with your ability to create transformations and now you are wondering how to attract clients and grow your email list to expand your income.

You just want someone to give you step by step guidance, each month, on what to do, and how to do it preferably using free systems.  You want someone to take away the feeling of overwhelm and confusion, to have someone on hand to ask questions and also to be able to implement at your own pace knowing you have the support and guidance to help you.

How do I get focused to achieve my dream?

You find you are trying to grow your business in the last hour of the day, when all you want to do is crash out on the sofa.  Plus staying focused and making progress is a challenge.  You are lost in feelings of …

“I can’t do what they do”            “I don’t know where to start”

               “I am not good enough to do this”            “Nobody will want to buy what I am offering”

and the list goes on

If yes to any of these questions, then I can help

During my own coaching journey, I took the decision to make it as easy as possible for new coaches to start up their business, using free systems only.

I do not want you to go through what I went through, when I first began as a coach, so I am here to guide and support you, with my tried and tested step-by-step guides, to build your business foundations, to get rid of the overwhelm and to help you get focused fast on attracting clients.

There is nothing worse than committing to numerous monthly payments and having no paying clients.  Once you start attracting clients, then you can start making money; once the money starts coming in then you can start investing in fancy expensive systems; until then let me show you how to do it for minimal investment.

I work with new coaches …

  • ready to set up their coaching business, without going into debt.  I set up my business with an investment of just £25 and that was not really necessary with hindsight
  • ready to grow their e-mail list
  • ready to attract clients
  • ready to get focused on achieving their goals
  • ready to make a difference for their clients, themselves and their family
  • ready to get rid of the overwhelm and start making progress
  • ready to make change by showing up
  • ready to step out of their comfort zone
  • ready to commit to transforming their business
  • ready to achieve their dreams

No more overwhelm – it is time!  Time to say yes to your dreams and living your best life.

I help you gain clarity, on what you need to work on and how to actually do it, through tried and tested, step-by-step guides showing how to start up your business and get focused fast on attracting your ideal clients.

Stephanie Thompson Coaching is for you if …

You would like your new coaching business to begin with no debt and be simple to operate.

I will share all my years of learning, so you do not go through the pitfalls that I encountered and you can get a head start on creating your dream business and dream life.

As a business coach, I specialise in helping new coaches attract clients, without going into debt, particularly if you are a life, mindset or energy coach.

I offer various, online, training courses that will:

  • conquer the overwhelm and strengthen your mindset, so you are in flow and make progress with ease
  • bring you clarity, vision and focus, so you are excited to get out of bed every morning
  • provide tried and tested step-by-step guides, that I use in my business, including identifying your ideal client, branding, planning
  • share what-to-do and how-to-do-it to attract clients and create raging fans

and lots more.

I will support and guide you on your journey to creating a successful coaching business.  I have created a wonderful supportive community of like-minded souls and would love it if you would like to join and share your journey with us.

How we can work together …

Free training

“Reclaim time in your day”

So you can focus on what you REALLY want to do.

You are ready to get focused and make progress towards your dreams, yet not sure where to start?

Sign up to this free challenge to learn how to conquer the overwhelm and get focused fast.

Have some questions?

Book a coffee and chat.

I know you are feeling totally overwhelmed, have no idea where to start and you’re really reluctant to admit it to anyone.

Don’t worry.  Take a breath and let’s have a chat on-line, over a cuppa.  No expectations, just a chat, to see if I can help you get unstuck.

Ready to learn but no funds?

Membership is the answer

Ready to learn how to start up your business, but no funds to invest?  Then my membership site is for you.

Workbooks and videos covering different aspects of your new business become available every month, with additional live support.

Getting Cracking

VIP programme

Covering all the basic aspects of setting up a new coaching business.  Move your business forward by 60 steps in 4 weeks.

Give your new business your focused, undivided attention, whilst receiving regular support and accountability from me.

Energy Alignment

Wanting to feel more in flow? 

Feel stuck and “out of sorts”, you know something is holding you back, but not sure what?

Using EAM, I can help you align the layers of your energy and your chakras, so you are more in flow and more able to manifest.

What clients say about working with me …

“I have been working with Stephanie on her programmes over the last few months.  I cannot praise her enough.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious.  I have always felt confident in my business experience but the coaching Stephanie shares around time management is brilliant.  She has made me up my game and I can now see a work life balance that I never had before.  I will make sure I take part in all Stephanie’s courses, as I learn and grow so much.  She has just had her work published so make sure you follow this talented lady as she soars higher and higher”

Pearl Cox, Pearl Cox International

Coventry, UK, Twitter: @LaPeregrina

“Working with Stephanie has been a game-changer.  She is an expert in her field.  She understands how to define your goals, take action and is supportive at the same time.

Stephanie is warm, caring, intuitive and knowledgeable.  I was looking to make a big life decision when I started working with Stephanie.  She was supportive, asked great questions and helped me realise my answer.  Her focus and insight gave me more clarity”

Tricia Stacey

New York, USA

“I can’t make the call this evening but just to let you know I will be thinking of you all and to let you know you are in the presence of one of the most amazing, intuitive, awesome, kind, knowledgeable, generous, beautiful people I have ever had the opportunity to know in the shape of Stephanie Thompson, our one in a gazillion mentor! I had my 1-1 this morning and she blew my mind.  Love this woman to the moon and back”

Sass Tetzlaff

Bexhill, East Sussex, UK,

“I was working long hours in a full time job, whilst acting as a carer outside of these hours, when I started to work with Stephanie.  She brings a wealth of life experiences and knowledge giving you confidence in her skills.  Stephanie has your best interests at heart and helped me to realise that family time is important and that any work left at the end of the day will still be there in the morning.

You feel invigorated and uplifted after your sessions with Stephanie and I now feel my work life balance is more aligned. I realised that it is not the be all and end all to be the last person leaving the office at the end of the day, or be the first one in, in the morning.  You feel totally empowered when working with Stephanie.

Whatever the problem you visit Stephanie with, you feel as if you have resolutions and a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.  She is a great sounding  board and voice of reason.

Working with Stephanie is fun, uplifting, empowering and enriching”

Sally Cooper

Mickleover, Derby, UK

“I was facing a lot of challenges when I first started working with Stephanie.  The benefit of working with her, using the EAM technique (energy alignment method) brought me peace, vision and strength.  I learnt that energy is always present and by aligning mine I found it easier to deal with the family challenges I was facing.

Working with Stephanie gets things done”

Patricia Alves

Lisbon, Portugal

​”Steph is a fantastic mentor.  I have first hand experience at what she can do and I highly recommend her services.  A fantastic mentor!”

Rachel Louise

Nottingham, UK

“You rocked my session.  I loved it and it definitely shifted something within me.  I absolutely love your energy, your attitude and your kindness and it shines through all of your words and actions.  Thank you”

Jessica Besseling

Murrieta, California, USA

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