Build your know like and trust

I saw a video clip on Facebook this morning of a 5 year old being herself.  Being true to herself.  Enjoying herself.  And it was just lovely to watch.  You can probably find it on my Facebook page because I just had to post the link.

What it made me realise is that as grown ups we forget how to be ourselves.  We forget that life is there to be enjoyed.  In fact I read a meme that said “Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you.  So have fun and give them something to talk about”.

We will only attract clients by being our true, authentic self. If we are trying to copy others then we will not post from the heart, we will not pour our love and caring into our posts and communications.  So take courage and trust yourself.   Yes, we build know, like and trust with our clients that is how it all begins.  But first we build know, like and trust with ourselves; have confidence in our abilities, in our skills and in our knowledge.

By build your know like and trust taking our first steps we learn, we grow and we build that confidence in ourselves.  We will make mistakes, nobody is perfect, however it is the quickest way to learn.  The learning helps us go further faster.

Gain confidence in your messaging, be aware of the words you use, help your potential clients feel your love and your caring for them to grow and achieve.  By being your authentic self and sharing from the heart is where you will make your impact.

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With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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