The freebie is a tempter for your ideal client to get to know you more without them paying any funds.  The freebie us also to help build that magical know, like and trust. 

Two purposes for your freebie;

  1. it’s your opportunity to interrupt their current hell and help them want to get to know you more
  2. by enabling a transformation change for free, they are likely to want to know more about what else you can do for them.

Remember if they know and like you they will listen, if they trust you they will buy.

In my eyes the freebie is something that can be downloaded instantly, any time of day or night, anywhere in the world. And the key word here is instantly. This is where your potential client has seen something they think will help and they are asking for it right now.

By completing your opt-in form they are asking for your freebie and offering their email address in exchange. Their golden nugget is your freebie will offer them valuable information to help overcome their current situation

The email address is the golden nugget for us, as a coach. Once we have their email address then we can nurture them, to build that magical relationship of know, like and trust.

A freebie can take many forms, but is usually a document download, such as

  • A check list
  • An e-book
  • Ten steps to ……
  • 5 tips to …….
  • 3 things to avoid when …….
  • A planner / layout
  • Maybe even a video demonstrating something

Think beforehand what it is you want to share, with your ideal client avatar, by starting with the outcome. What is it you want your client to have / feel / experience / gain after following your document?  The documents are often simple, straight forward steps or tasks, but will make a big difference to your ideal client’s current “hell”.

Once you know the outcome you want to achieve, you can work on the content you are going to include to achieve that outcome. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information though.

From the content, you can work on the most appropriate format to share that content e.g. in a table, bullet points, completed example, etc.

Now you can work on the words to use, to portray the knowledge you want to impart to your client.

And finally you can make it look “pretty” by using something like the free version of  

Now you have a freebie and can share with those wonderful potential clients who need your help.

If you have any questions please drop me an email to me at

With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie xxxxx


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