When I was working at the local college I walked passed these words every day.  “If you can dream it, you can do it”.  It has taken me a while to understand the quote, but now I do I love it.   I do wonder if I had known this as a teenager, would my life be any different now, except to look backwards is not helpful.  Looking forwards is a whole different ball game though.

I hope to teach my grandchildren the importance of having a dream.  I am great believer in vision boards and visualising my dream.  In fact, I am already sharing about vision boards with the grandchildren despite their young age.  Enjoying and appreciating the moment, by being present, is very beneficial, however it is good to have a dream and somewhere to aim for too.

Vision boards show your dream

You will find me. in my kitchen, creating my vision board every six months.  I love using my energy to decide what should appear on my board.  It is intriguing what will manifest each time.  Sometimes it is business focused, other times it is a combination of business and personal.  Creating one recently I was thrilled to find 3 things had manifested within two weeks! 

It is intriguing to realise I have a Japanese theme running through the last few years.  I will let you know if anything comes of it.

To vision board or not to vision board

I am sure you are wondering if there is any benefit in sticking pictures on a board.  I have to admit that I use visualisation a lot in my business and also in my coaching.  If you visit, you will always find my vision board pinned up in the kitchen, where I see it every day.  It is important to put your vision board where you can see it regularly, so that it reminds you what you are working towards.

I put my trust in my energy when creating my vision boards, they have not guided me wrong yet.

Energy vision board manifestations

I trust my energy to guide me, when creating my vision board and a few years ago it showed a bank of sand with grasses blowing in the wind.  It included another picture of a lady standing on brownstone steps.  

Manifest one

When I was in Amsterdam supporting a Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery event something manifested.  I had arrived late at night and started early in the morning so knew nothing of my surroundings.  At lunchtime I managed to get a short break, walked out of the hotel and boy did it hit me!  There, before me, in real life, was the picture on my vision board back home!  A bank of sand with grasses blowing in the wind.

Wow, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

Manifest two

A few weeks later I was in San Diego, at the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy event.  When I was flying home there was a delay, which meant I had some time to kill at JFK airport.  A lovely lady, from the event, invited me to visit her in New York and there another manifest occurred.

After a hiccup getting on the wrong train in the subway (that’s a whole other story), I eventually managed to get to my destination.  I found myself in Brooklyn and there were dozens and dozens of these beautiful houses with the sweeping steps leading to their front door.  You could have blown me away.  Of course I had to have a picture of me standing on the steps of one of the brownstone houses.  

It had never been on my radar to go to New York that day and here I was manifesting something on my vision board from several months earlier.

Would you like to create an energy vision board? 

Using your energy, to choose what goes on your vision board, is a fun thing to do and it is intriguing to see what comes up.  If you are interested then please get in touch.  I do energy vision board events throughout the year, not just at New Year.   Are you intrigued to see what your energy will choose for you?  It may just open up a whole new world to you.

My latest vision board showed a 5 star trip to Crete, now that is definitely not on my radar, however I have to admit I am rather intrigued.

If you have any questions please drop an email to me at stephanie@stephaniethompsoncoaching.com

With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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