My Mum has been cooking Christmas dinner for 49 years, this year it will be her 50th!  Before that it was her mum, my Big Grandma.  My childhood memories are full of warmth, fun and lovely food.  I am sure over the years, as tastes have changed, the menu has tweaked slightly, although there is always sherry trifle and turkey.  Plus the mandatory glass of sherry whilst cooking.  It is the only time my mum has a drink bless her – a glass of sherry whilst cooking Christmas dinner.

I know, in the past, I cooked a Christmas dinner, not on Christmas day I hasten to add.  Mum’s Christmas dinner took priority every time and still does.   I remember I had so many lists, they were  coming out of my ears!  There was a lift for what I was cooking.   A list of what was in the cupboards in readiness.   Extensive shopping lists of what I had to buy, including what I could buy before hand and what I had to buy the day before.  I even had a list of what was to be put on the table before everyone arrived.  And the list goes on, no pun intended of course!

Worryingly, I still have the menu lists and still refer to them to this day, particularly when I am hosting a big gathering for Sunday lunch etc.

Do you love a list?

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Enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations.  It is going to be an awesome 2020 and outstanding decade.

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With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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