Hi there, 

This is me, down to earth, love to smile, I enjoy chatting with friends over a fabulous meal, I love to cook and have dinner parties; going to the cinema, the theatre and knitting.  I absolutely adore knitting!  I have two amazing daughters, two wonderful grand-children and a very caring son-in-law.  And I count my blessing everyday that I still have both my parents. Life is pretty good I have to say.

It has not always been like that though.  I have been married twice, divorced twice neither of which I was expecting.  Between the first divorce and the second marriage, I was a single mum for eight years whilst holding down a full time job, being Chairman of the Parent Association, running the second-hand uniform shop and studying for a post graduate degree in purchase and supply, followed by a Masters in Business Management.  It was in this eight year period that I learnt how to juggle, to plan, to prioritise, to budget, to stay sane and to enjoy every moment.  Yes some lessons I learnt the hard way, however I came out smiling and loving life.

I am a solopreneur.  I worked in the corporate world of Rolls-Royce Aerospace for 17 years, followed by a period of time in the Education sector and time as a self employed business consultant too.  I grew up seeing my parents work many long hours, running their own business, growing plants for retail and then for wholesale.  It was their absolute passion and they have only just retired after 50 years in the business.  My first husband was also self employed.

Having gained experience of many different business models with varied focus, I bring a breadth and wealth of knowledge.  I bring life experiences of marriage, divorce, single parenthood, studying along side working full time, debt experience to my coaching too.  I enjoyed my business consultancy specialising in processes and procedures, but my passion, my absolute passion, which I am now able to concentrate on fully, is helping new coaches get their new coaching business off the ground and attracting clients fast.   This is where my heart lays and I will let my testimonials say the rest.

To enhance my coaching skills I am one of the first 31 EAM Mentors in the world to be certified to use the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).  And alongside the EAM learning I have also followed Tony Robbins around the globe from Fiji, to San Diego, from West Palm Beach to Amsterdam and London and have now become one of his Senior Leaders too.  I have had the honour of coaching some lovely souls from all over the world, from Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, across the UK, New York, Ohio, Los Angeles to name but a few.  Debra from USA said “everyone should have a Steph in their life”.

I have been an after lunch speaker and appeared on stage in front of hundreds of people sharing my message, knowledge and skills.  I have walked on fire (twice!), jumped off the top of a 50m pole (that was an experience!) and broken a plank of wood with my bare hand.  All in the name of breaking through barriers and pushing boundaries.  I have also swum with dolphins, with turtles and ridden elephants twice.

I am thrilled to share that I am a contributing author to an international, number one, best seller too.  Plus I have appeared on BBC One and I have been interviewed on BBC Radio too.

I really look forward to chatting with you and seeing if we would like to work together.  So let’s chat soon.


Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of me actually on the pole in Fiji, however this will give you an idea of what was required.

Filming with BBC One

I spent an enlightening couple of days filming with the BBC.  It was fascinating seeing how the producer was thinking through how she wanted the final segment to look, then getting lots of snippets of film.  All of this along side the main interview of course.  It was marvellous to see the final cut show on the TV and knowing what went into making the programme made it all the more interesting.  A great experience and I met some amazing people.

Being interviewed on BBC Radio

I had a phone call at 7.30am and by 9.15am I was on air.  It was brilliant being interviewed by the wonderful Sally Pepper.  She really put me at ease and, despite all the recording paraphernalia, I felt like I was talking with a good friend.  Everyone at Radio Derby were so friendly and put me as ease so quickly my initial nerves disappeared very quickly.  I was intrigued how a radio show was made and I am grateful for having the opportunity to find out.  A marvellous experience.

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