My journey to becoming a coach has been an interesting one.  I have to admit becoming a coach was not on my radar as a single mum, recently divorced with no income.  When I left school my mum told me to learn a skill I could fall back on.  Choosing shorthand and typing was definitely a skill I could fall back on but again it was the furthest from becoming a coach. 

When I got divorced, I was willing to take any role and began as a maternity relief secretary, a temporary post for a few months.  I ended up leaving the company eight years later, as their Chief Buyer, even further from becoming a coach!

Between those two roles, I was also Personal Assistant (PA) to the Managing Director and Chairman of the company.  I was even one of the top six PAs in the country.  My boss put me in for the award without my even knowing about it, until I got the letter inviting me to London.

My drive

I did not see how much drive I had inside myself or how much determination I had to give my girls a good start in life.  As well at studying, through University, for a Post Graduate Degree, whilst holding down a full time job, being a single mum to two and also Chairman of the very active Parent’s Association at School.

Fortunately my job allowed me entry to University, because I had never done A Levels, or a Degree.  I am very proud of the fact I passed every single exam first time.  This was not something I was able to achieve whilst I was at school. 

Time to move on

I chose to leave the company because I was a “big fish in a little pond” and became a “minnow in an ocean”.  Fortunately I went from strength to strength in the corporate world. I honed my buying skills then branched into business improvements.  My most favourite role was coaching hundreds of people across the globe.  I also touched on innovation as a role too.  As you can see, it was a varied corporate career.  And then I decided to move to France.

Business Consultancy

Unfortunately France didn’t last very long and as I came back I was able to pick up a variety of business consultancy roles, with some prestigious companies, again honing my business improvement skills.  I specialised in processes and procedures which I absolutely loved.

Yes I was successful and I was being paid well.  Was I fulfilled?  Not really.  Even at this stage in my career with all the success and responsibility, I just felt that I “fell” into the career path. Little did I know that it would be such a fantastic learning ground for my coaching business now.  I now focus on saving time and bringing focus to moving businesses forwards and I am very lucky to have clients from all over the globe.

My shame as a procrastinator

One of the things that I coach is leaving procrastination behind.  Boy do I remember when I was shamed out of being a procrastinator!  I was focusing on the job and the filing was piling up and piling up.  Then one day the MD wanted some information and it was somewhere in the pile!!!!!  Before I knew it the Managing Director was doing ALL my filing and within a few hours the filing pile was gone and the MD was able to get back to their own task, because they had found the information they needed.  I was mortified.  I never ever got behind with my filing ever again.  Even to this day!

I love a good process, one that will be efficient and save time.  The processes I put in place to support me in my various roles throughout my corporate careers were very successful because as I look back I realise that for every job I left, the manager had to bring in two people to pick up my role and it was split.  I agree at one point I was working long hours, but not for long, because I learnt how to manage my day to get the jobs done.

The perfectionist in me

Do you know about the Pareto principle?  Otherwise know as the 80/20 rule?  It took a Director of the global corporate company to teach me that.  I was all about perfectionism.  I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before I would put the report in front of my boss. Whatever I was doing needed to be 100%.  My Director pointed out that just because it was perfect in my eyes did not necessarily mean that it was perfect in other peoples.  There are ALWAYS tweaks that can be made, different slants the reader wants etc.    The down side of wanting things 100% perfect is that it is your baby and if it is criticised you take it to heart, it causes stress and ultimately burnout.  80% is good enough and learn from it.  Nothing will ever be perfect.

These tweaks are what I coach.  I help coaches and mentors move their business forwards, by creating time in their day and get focused fast.

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With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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