Perfectionism and procrastination, don’t you just love these two words?  They cover a multiple of sins, such as “I can’t launch yet because it is not perfect” (perfectionism).  Or “I don’t know how to do that, I need to learn it first” (procrastination).  Oh the joys of excuses and being able to hide behind them.

Unfortunately, due to perfectionism and procrastination my business was not moving forwards.  I was not creating the life I wanted and knew I was capable of living.  So what should I do?  Where should I turn?   How should I change things?  I finally realised I just had to take the bull by the horns and jolly well step up!

To keep me focused and accountable I signed up to a free 5 day challenge and committed to carrying out every task, no matter how scary it was.  I was determined to make this difference for myself and my business.

The days of the challenge

First day – The task was easy peasy.

Second day – I was still in my comfort zone so nothing came up for me and I completed it easily.

Third day – OK, so the task was a bit scary, but I told myself “I can do this” and took the plunge.  I did it and felt happy with myself for feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Fourth day – Oh dear, day 4 stopped me in my tracks!!!!  I bailed at that point.  Surely I had done Day 3 so I was further forwards wasn’t I, it didn’t matter did it?  Day 4 task slipped into Day 5 uncompleted.

Fifth day – I didn’t even bother looking at the Day 5 task, I had let myself down.  Being a wall-flower at the Friday evening Challenge Wrap Party was not even on my radar, I was annoyed with myself.   I knew I had let myself down and that was a big deal.

What happened on Saturday?

Saturday arrived and boy did I have FOMO, the overwhelming Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).  I made a commitment to myself that by the end of the day I would have that video made.  It may take me all day, but I was going to do this.  I could not afford to let this fear hold me back, it was time to step up, that was the whole reason why I had joined this Challenge in the first place!

The best of it was I “had all the gear, but no idea”.  I look back now and realise that I have a repeating pattern of getting all the equipment, to make it look like I am doing something, but I never actually stepped up.  Just like all those Yoga DVDs on the shelf.  So Saturday saw me collecting all this equipment together, spending an hour setting everything up; up and down the stairs because I didn’t have certain things I needed, etc etc etc.  PROCRASTINATION I hear you shout.  So very very true I respond.

Finally at about 4pm on Saturday afternoon I am ready and I start recording the video.  Take 1, take 2, take 3, 4 and it carries on. The best of it is the coach for the 5 day challenge said, do not record a video, do not watch it back, do an FB live and just go for it.  Eventually at about 6pm I had one that I was reasonably comfortable with – the lighting wasn’t shadowy, the sound was passable, the background was ok’ish.  Enough was enough, It was time to relax and think about it and another day went by.

What happened next?

Having thought about it overnight, at about 10am on the Monday I posted the video, with some text.  With my head held high, I was able to go back into the Challenge (fortunately the coach was leaving it open for those of us that were a bit slower) and paste the link to prove that I had “done it”.  Woooohoooo.  I didn’t think any more about it and turned to the Day 5 task which I finished that same day too.

On reflection

As I sit here now, nearly a week later and reflect, I have absolutely no idea what held me back on Day 4.  I am normally a confident enough person, I know my stuff, get great results for my clients and I am passionate about what I do.

I think it was because there was so much I was trying to think about.  For example, have the camera on, or higher than, eye level; don’t look at yourself on the screen, look directly into the camera; don’t have a script otherwise it sounds too stilted.  The list goes on.

My creative way of overcoming a problem

What I haven’t admitted to you is that I took a photo of one of my friends, made it A4 size, cut out a very small round, where the camera was and covered the screen with her face!  It took me a few goes to sort out all the buttons for start and stop etc, but I eventually managed it with some adeptness.  Is that even a word – adeptness?

In the end what with “all the gear and no idea”, I ended up with non of the equipment just a pile of boxes and a picture of my friend with one of her eyes cut out.  I delivered my entire speech to her, looking her in the eye.

The outcome?

I totally wasn’t expecting it and I am so very very grateful that I forced myself to do it, because now I have ten people wanting to know more about my 5 day challenge Time Lack to Time Abundance that I am planning for next month.  If I hadn’t stepped up and completed the challenge I would never have made the connection with those ten gorgeous souls who want to know more.  The morale of the story is “feel the fear and do it anyway” because on the other side the sun is shining and life is wonderful.

I am so pleased that I made the effort and didn’t bail on Day 4, I really am.  Now, what can I step up to achieve today?  What are you going to make happen too?

If you have any questions please drop an email to me at

With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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