Sssshhhhhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret just between you and me, it is time for you to focus and shine. 

My name is Stephanie Thompson, founder of Stephanie Thompson Coaching.  I am a small business coach and transformation mindset coach.  I help you focus your efforts and shine your light, supporting you every step of the way.  My style is to provide you with step by step guides that focus on how to set up their new business, get focused fast and start attracting clients.

A bit about my background

I have been married twice, divorced twice neither of which I was anticipating.  Between the first divorce and the second marriage, I was a single mum for eight years.  At the same time I was holding down a full time demanding job, being Chairman of the Parent Association and running their second-hand uniform shop.  Plus, I was studying for a post graduate degree, followed by a Masters in Business Management.  It was in this eight year period that I learnt how to juggle, plan, prioritise, budget and stay sane whilst enjoying life.

Yes some lessons I learnt the hard way, like I cannot burn the candle at both ends without paying the price.  That I cannot control everything and have everything perfect because others are entitled to have their own thoughts, beliefs and priorities.  The biggest thing I learnt?  Working to support your children is not the same as being there for your children.  I thought I was making the right decisions when, in actual fact, they needed to spend time with me.  Fortunately we have a really good relationship, so all is good. 

I have walked on fire (twice), jumped off the top of a 50m pole and broken a plank of wood with my bare hand.  All in the name of breaking through barriers and pushing boundaries.  I learnt that resilience is essential and fortunately I came through it all smiling, with a can-do attitude and loving life.

What I have learnt

As you can probably gather, I have a broad experience of life, both good and the bad.  Link this with my passion for self-development and you have a unique combination.  Through my journey I have learnt how to manage my energy, thoughts, emotions and beliefs to totally transform my approach to life. Life is a lot calmer now, thank goodness.  Through my studies I have become one of Tony Robbins Senior Leaders and one of the first 31 Energy Alignment Method (EAM) accredited Mentors in the world.

Not just reading, but also putting everything I have learnt into practice, the voice inside my head is now quiet.   I have focus on where I am going and make progress every day to achieve my dream. 

My passion and joy is to help others achieve the same.

Who do I work with?

I work with new coaches ready to make change by showing up and stepping out of their comfort zone.  By committing to transform themselves and their business and to making it happen.  If you are ready to achieve your dreams the let’s talk.

I am honoured to have clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.  I have appeared on stages around the globe, in front of hundreds of people sharing my message, knowledge and skills.  Added to that I am a number one, international, best selling contributing author and I have appeared on TV and radio too.

My experience

I have experience working in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporate businesses.  Additionally I grew up seeing my parents work many long hours, running their own business.  They were manual workers growing plants for retail and then for wholesale.  It was their absolute passion and they have only just retired after 50 years in the business.  My first husband was also self employed as a florist.  Yes I married the opposition. 

Having gained experience of many different businesses I bring a breadth and wealth of knowledge.  Along with life experiences of marriage, divorce, single parenthood, studying, and debt.  In addition I bring my energy work and intuition to my coaching programmes. 

I support my clients in identifying their life purpose, making changes and maintaining focus on what they want to achieve.  So they can reach their full potential and live a life they love.  

Please have a look at the testimonials on my website to see what happens after working with me and you will also see details of my programmes there too.

If you have any questions please drop an email to

With much love and thanks.  Chat with you soon.

Stephanie  xxxxx


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