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So you can focus on what you REALLY want to do.

You are ready to get focused and make progress towards your dreams, yet not sure where to start?

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Energy Vision Boards

Create in flow and manifest with ease

I was a big believer in vision boards, but it was only when I was introduced to this technique the manifesting really started.

From a place of flow I now create my vision board every 6 months.  What has manifested has been phenomenal.

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Ready to learn but no funds?

Membership is the answer

Ready to learn how to start up your new coaching business, but no funds to invest?  Then my membership site is for you.

New courses covering different aspects of your new business become available every month, with additional live support.

Getting Cracking

VIP programme

Covering all the basic aspects of setting up a new coaching business.  Move your business forward by 60 steps in 4 weeks.

Give your new business your focused attention, whilst receiving regular support and accountability from me.

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I know you are feeling totally overwhelmed, have no idea where to start and you’re really reluctant to admit it to anyone.

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Energy Alignment

Wanting to feel more in flow? 

Feel stuck and “out of sorts”, you know something is holding you back, but not sure what?

Using EAM, I can help you align the layers of your energy and your chakras, so you are more in flow and more able to manifest.


My passion is to help coaches get their new business started by offering support and guidance, accountability, step by step workbooks, videos and a supportive community.  All achieved without going into debt.


Coaching Experience

I have over 20 years coaching experience including business coaching, mindset coaching, self improvement coaching,  energy alignment mentoring to name but a few.

EAM Mentor

I am one of the first 31 accredited Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world.  EAM is a powerful self-help technique designed to empower you, so you can change your life by shifting negative energy and align to positive, enabling, energy.

Life Experience

I have experienced marriage, divorce, single parenthood, juggling studying whilst working full time and building a business on the side.  I am a Senior Leader for Tony Robbins.  I bring a wealth of corporate, and small business experience too.

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